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How it works


Training are the core features of the portal; the milestones on the road to knowledge. The training take just a few minutes of your time and they help you to know more about the products you are dealing with during your work hours. Training are highly customizable to serve your needs. Each training comes with an exam where users can show their expertise.


Every training comes with an accompanying exam that can be tailor-made too. With every exam you pass, you can earn points and can climb higher in the Rankings. For the first perfect exam you will be awarded 200 points. Moreover, if you finish a whole learning path with 100% you will get 2500 points.

Earning points

The ultimate goal is to have the highest ranking. The Indesit Training Portal offers you various ways to get there. Explore the site, learn new things, be an active member of the portal, and gather the most points to have the best gifts.

50 points for the first login

10 points for each day logged in

200 points for your first perfect exam

2500 points for the first learning path with maximum result

300 points for logging in for 10 consecutive days

200 points for spending 2 hours on the site


We all know that showing off ones expertise and active attitude is not a bad thing. That’s why you can earn badges while using the portal. Be as proud as a boy-scout to have them all.

Profiler badge: If you complete your profile and personalize your avatar on the Indesit Training Platform, you earn the Profile badge.

Explorer badge: If you earn at least 1000 points each month on the Indesit Training Platform, you earn and can keep the

Expert badge: If you can finish one learning path with a 100% score, you earn the Expert badge.

Ultimate badge: If you finish five exams with 100% and reach the same results in any upcoming exams, you earn the Ultimate badge.


It is not just for the glory to gather points and earn badges. There is an attractive incentive system where you can exchange them for gifts and experiences.

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